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SAABHOUSE Consulting is a business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Nigeria and beyond. Our staff represent a diverse spectrum of professional disciplines, ranging from business strategy, information technology, accounting, engineering and much more.
Our integrity and proficiency in designing systems to manage people has enabled us to gain a reputation for quality in the services we provide. SAABHOUSE Consulting Service has been engaged on a wide range of tasks that help clients Design, Evaluate and Execute projects, improve efficiency, enhance human capacity and build great institutions.

*Business Development and Advisory Services
*Real Estate and Building/ Construction
*Education and Learning Academy
*Information Technology Services
*Governance, Finance & Enterprise

Business Plans and Feasibility Reports
If you are considering setting up a new business or wish to embark on a project, SAABHOUSE Consulting can assist you in preparing a business plan that will guide the planning, execution and funding of the proposed business or prepare a feasibility report to establish the viability or otherwise of the project.
A business plan is a ‘must have’ for all businesses especially start-ups and/or business expansions. It is a blue print for the business and spells out its goals, strategies and performance objectives. In preparing your business plan, we will among other things, conduct in-depth research and analysis of the market for your chosen business, identify the critical success factors and probable risks and devise strategies that will ensure the delivery of your business objectives.
In preparing a business plan, among other things, we:
*Conduct in-depth research
*Analyze the market for any chosen business
*Identify the critical success factors and probable risks
*Devise strategies that will ensure the delivery of your business objectives
In addition, our feasibility reports can help you establish the nature and characteristics of the economic, technical, risk and financial factors affecting the viability of your project.

Individual/ Executive Coaching
Are you wondering what to do with your bright, very skilled and highly qualified senior manager or your staffs, who is having problems managing people, organizing teams, supervising and delegating? He is also prominent on the ‘Ascension to Management’ programme of your organization and so you must address these people issues?
We have a non-intrusive solution at hand! Our Coaching service provides one on one level coaching for high potential staff members, who need some assistance in becoming well rounded professionals and executives.
From professional polish to stress management, health management, business management, communication, leadership and self-awareness skills as well as presentation skills, general comportment and other critical career development skills needed, a senior level consultant (partner level up) will work on a regular basis for as long as necessary to help “smooth the rough edges” and allow an individual and their organization take full advantage of their potential.

Educational Consulting
Establishing/ Setting-Up Your Own School
Kicking starting your journey to owing your own school/ educational institution. We work you through the rigorous process to get you your required legal status and necessary documents at the comfort of your own. With us, you get your dream come through and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Foreign Admission
With partners across Europe, Africa, America and Others, getting your dream school is no longer a problem. We will secure your admission, provide the necessary support with your visa, medical, flight tickets and accommodation. We secure your admission based on your preference and based on opportunity available for you because we want you to succeed.
Our foreign education/ admission placement is tailored to suit your need. We do the stress, you enjoy your journey to a better and fulfilling education there by building your future. At SAABHOUSE, your success comes first.



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